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We are the  first member services company worldwide to develop a product plan designed to provide payment of traffic citation fines obtained by licensed drivers, TicketGuard is the first and only company of its kind. TicketGuard is headquartered and operated from Atlanta, Georgia. Fully licensed as a limited liability corporation TicketGuard operates a full-service website that enables licensed drivers who wish to register a Citation Protection Plan through TicketGuard the ability to review the benefit of TicketGuard plan coverage and select protection against expensive and inconvenient traffic fines. It is TicketGuard’s daily directive to provide to our members’ peace of mind in knowing that if they receive a traffic or vehicle citation fine, we at TicketGuard are here to provide payment of such fine allowing our members to keep their money where it belongs, in their pockets!

Our Mission

It is our mission at TicketGuard to provide all licensed drivers and operators of various types of vehicles with comprehensive citation payment protection.  We at TicketGuard believe that every driver should be protected against the high costs of traffic and vehicle citation fines.  TicketGuard’s mission is to protect drivers who are enrolled in  our service by providing payment of inconvenient and often expensive traffic citation fines.  Ultimately, TicketGuard will protect drivers not only within the continental United States but also throughout the world!

Corporate Charity Initiative

TicketGuard takes great pride and forward responsibility in our initiative to provide charitable donations to a wide range of organizations and programs that serve society at large.

TicketGuard recognizes charitable organizations and programs that serve issues such as but not limited to: Hunger, Homelessness, Youth Development and Crime Prevention, Community Development and Awareness, Health Research and Awareness, Educational Achievement and Scholarship.

TicketGuard contributes $0.95 from each activated Citation Protection Plan monthly premium into our Corporate Charity Initiative fund.  Throughout a period of twelve (12) months annually TicketGuard selects deserving charitable causes and programs to which monetary donation will be bestowed.

TicketGuard believes that a strong society can build a strong nation and a strong nation can develop a better world for the future to come.  Charity is not about giving but more about helping.