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Terms & Restrictions


TicketGuard, L.L.C. will process payment of the monthly plan premium as a recurring charge to the debit/credit account provided at time of enrollment and plan registration each 30 days for a period of 12 thirty-day cycle periods. TicketGuard enrollment and plan coverage may be cancelled at anytime without penalty or further obligation. TicketGuard enrolled members and coverage plan participants may elect not to have a recurring charge applied to any provided debit/credit account(s), simply contact TicketGuard Member Services and request to independently submit payment(s) regarding a Citation Protection Plan monthly premium.

PayPal Registration

TicketGuard, L.L.C. requests that individuals registering Citation Protection Plan coverage please do so using secured payment processing provided by PayPal. TicketGuard, L.L.C. is a registered PayPal merchant. TicketGuard, L.L.C. provides two payment options 1) recurring charge to provided debit/credit account; 2) voluntary online payment. All payments are securely processed by PayPal. Having or registering a PayPal account will provide safe and secure processing of payment information.


TicketGuard has a No Penalty / No Further Obligation policy in the event a member decides to cancel a Citation Protection Plan™. A member may cancel a Citation Protection Plan at anytime desired. Once a Citation Protection Plan is canceled TicketGuard will no longer pursue a monthly premium from your debit or credit card. You may at anytime again in the future activate a new citation protection plan with TicketGuard without prohibition or restriction due to prior cancellation. To cancel membership and the related Citation Protection Plan simply go into your Paypal account, and cancel payment for the membership subscription.

Citation Payment Terms

Online Claim Submission: TicketGuard, LLC requires that any and all requests for payment of citation fines be submitted online at www.TicketGuardUSA.com. From the Dashboard menu select the Submit Citation Claim button and complete the claim form. TicketGuard will only process claims that are submitted online. Only citation fines that are obtained after a Citation Protection Plan is activated will be processed. TicketGuard requires any Citation Protection Plan to be activated a minimum of 24 hours before protection payment coverage is available. You must have an activated Citation Protection Plan a full 24 hours before you obtain any type of citation offense in order to require TicketGuard to fulfill payment of such submitted citation fine claim.

Claim Verification: In order for any citation fine to be paid by TicketGuard our staff must first verify that the submitted information regarding the obtained citation is actually true and legitimate. TicketGuard reserves the right to take up to 60 days to process and make payment of any citation fine claims.

Court Appearance: TicketGuard requires its members to properly appear at any court hearing(s) or preceding(s) regarding the submitted citation fine claim. TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of any citation fine claim if a member elects not to appear at the court hearing or preceding regarding the citation fine claim submitted. If it is determined that no appearance(s) is required or normally set in order to hear or rule upon regarding the type of citation offense obtained, TicketGuard will process the claim and submit payment to the proper agency or court responsible for receiving such payment.

Citation Payment: Payment of citation fine(s) will not be made directly to plan holders. Payment(s) will only be made to the proper court or receiving agency. If it is discovered or determined that a member has submitted fraudulent information in attempt to deprive TicketGuard monetarily via citation fine claim(s) or any other variation thereof, TicketGuard will pursue legal action against that member and any accomplice(s) real or entity. In the event a particular citing agency, department, or court office cannot accept third party payment(s) of any traffic citation fine(s) on behalf of a cited individual due to applicable town, city, county or state law or other stipulated bylaws or regulation(s) TicketGuard, L.L.C. will provide payment of the final citation fine amount directly to the TicketGuard member via PayPal payment services. Citation fine payment funds will be processed and rendered once verification has been made that the final fine amount is due. TicketGuard members are still required to appear at any necessary court hearing(s) applicable to the cited violation before the final judgement and fine is determined. If a TicketGuard member is required to render payment of any submitted and accepted citation fine claim on the actual final payment due date or directly following a court or an agency hearing process before TicketGuard, L.L.C. is able to actually provide citation fine payment funds then such funds shall serve as reimbursement to the TicketGuard member. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will provide citation fine funds or reimbursement to the TicketGuard member. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will not be held liable for any late fee charges regarding citation fine payments. TicketGuard members who receive direct payment(s) of citation fine claim(s) will not hold TicketGuard, L.L.C. responsible for any applied court costs, processing costs, surcharges, reinstatement costs, suspensions, revocations,towing/impound charges,vehicle boot devices or any type of vehicle immobilization device,or any other penalties or assessments that may occur as a result of receiving a traffic citation fine or the voluntary non payment of such traffic citation fine or the voluntary non payment of such traffic citation fine after receiving direct payment funds from TicketGuard, L.L.C. towards such traffic or parking citation fine(s).

72-Hour Submission Deadline: Generally TicketGuard wishes to make any and all payments in a timely manner pursuant to the time stipulations put forth by the issuing agency and/or law enforcement entity which has proper jurisdiction over the suspension or other penalty against a TicketGuard member’s valid driver’s license. TicketGuard requires members to submit citation fine claims online within 72 hours of receiving any such citation in order for TicketGuard to begin the processing period. If a citation fine claim is not submitted online within the 72-hour period resulting directly after the citation is obtained, TicketGuard will not process the citation fine claim and deny payment of that particular citation fine.

Valid Submissions: TicketGuard allows for submission of citation fine claims 24 hours per day, 7 days per week annually. TicketGuard requires that all members have proper valid license to operate whatever type of vehicle they obtain a citation fine regarding. TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans are made applicable to drivers and operators of automobiles, suv, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles. TicketGuard excludes commercial trucks weighted to carry more than 3 ½ tons from qualifying as an acceptable vehicle covered by any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan.

Refund Policy

All Citation Protection Plan monthly premium payments as well as Affiliate enrollment fees are non-refundable as all sales are final.

Enrollment Terms Eligibility:

TicketGuard provides its Citation Protection Plan coverage to individuals who register to be recognized as members of our unique service. In order to qualify and receive benefits and privileges offered by TicketGuard, registered members must be licensed drivers with a valid legal state driver’s license or U.S. territorial driver’s license. At the time of membership registration and/or selection of any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan(s), drivers may not have licenses under restricted drive suspension. TicketGuard requires that all members be of minimum age 16 and have at least an intermediate driver’s license. Individuals who have driving permits (beginners permit) cannot qualify to be included in any of TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans if the state or U.S. territory that issued the license requires that an adult or someone having a valid regular/permanent driver’s license accompany the individual while driving or operating a motor vehicle. Nor shall any adult that has a state issued or U.S. territory issued beginners permit authorizing use and operation of a motor vehicle or motorcycle or moped be qualified to activate or be included as a member to any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan. However, individuals over the age of 16 that have a current valid state issued or U.S. territory issued driver’s license or motorcycle/moped license that may have curfew or nighttime driving restrictions may qualify as TicketGuard members and also be included in any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan. In order to activate any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan, you must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone under 18 years of age cannot personally agree to the terms of any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan. To qualify for benefits and Citation Protection Plan coverage, minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must have a parent or guardian activate a Citation Protection Plan on their behalf and in doing so, as parent or guardian, assume responsibility and concur with all TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan terms and restrictions applicable and regarding the included minor. TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans and Membership offered through www.TicketGuardUSA.com are only offered to and available to U.S. citizens residing in the 48 contiguous States, Hawaii, and Alaska, as well as U.S. Citizens residing in the U.S. territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. TicketGuard reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership to anyone or entity for any reason deemed necessary at any time.

Limited Time Free Offers:

TicketGuard, L.L.C. reserves the right to modify or end at anytime any free offer(s). The annual enrollment fee of $19.95 for individuals registering participation into any Citation Protection Plan is currently being waived until further notice by TicketGuard, L.L.C.

E-mail Confirmations:

TicketGuard requires all Citation Protection Plans that are activated are provided with a valid e-mail address so that TicketGuard will have an effective means of communicating with members. TicketGuard uses e-mail communication to inform new members that their membership has been successfully or unsuccessfully processed and to confirm activation of Citation Protection Plans. TicketGuard will also e-mail members confirmation of monthly premium payment processing as well as confirmation of submission and verification of the processing of citation fine claim(s). Once TicketGuard has processed and paid a valid member citation fine claim(s), TicketGuard will e-mail the regarded member confirmation of the payment as well as any verification information supplied by the law enforcement agency that issued the citation fine. Anytime a member submits a citation fine claim a valid e-mail address is required, failure to provide an e-mail address will result in non-processing of the submitted claim. If at anytime TicketGuard experiences discrepancies regarding a member’s citation protection plan or experiences issue(s) regarding process of debit/credit account information, TicketGuard will contact member(s) via email or telephone in order to resolve any issues. TicketGuard requires members to visit www.TicketGuardUSA.com and update e-mail/telephone contact information if changes occur. TicketGuard exempts itself from the responsibility of periodically requesting members to update e-mail or telephone contact information. In the event TicketGuard cannot contact a member who has submitted a citation fine claim during the processing period TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of that particular citation fine claim due to inability to properly verify and/or confirm claim submission.


TicketGuard is proud to be the first company of its kind offering a unique and innovative coverage plan. It is our daily mission to serve our members with Citation Protection Plans, however, in order to properly serve all enrolled members equally, TicketGuard implements restrictions with each Citation Protection Plan offered and activated. TicketGuard will only pay one citation fine claim per month per member. If there is more than one member assigned to a Citation Protection Plan (e.g. such as the up to 4 members Group/Family plan), each member may submit one citation fine claim per month. The citation must be applicable to the member submitting the claim. Members cannot allow another member to submit a citation fine claim under their name. Each member is allotted submission of one claim per month. Citation Protection Plans are renewed on a twelve (12) month period, there is no renewal fee. However, TicketGuard requires individuals to enroll into service and submit an annual enrollment fee of $19.95. TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of any citation fine claim for any reason deemed necessary especially if abuse of service (excessive claims) occurs or if fraud is suspected. TicketGuard reserves the right to cancel any Citation Protection Plan and enrollment if fraud is suspected.

What Types of Citations are Covered?

TicketGuard provides comprehensive plan coverage to our enrolled members. TicketGuard realizes that drivers can receive citation fines for a large variety of offenses common and offenses not so common. TicketGuard takes the guesswork out of the equation. Simply, TicketGuard will pay traffic citation fines related to such typical offenses as speeding, parking, moving violations and other qualified offenses. Citation types included but not necessarily limited to: Speeding citations, moving violations, seat belt violations (adult), cell phone use violations, distracted driving violations, intersection camera violations, teen driving violations, teen seat belt violations, teen distracted driving violations, violation of traffic control devices, failure to yield, and many other allowable violations.

What’s Not Covered?

Drunk driving offenses/citations, child safety/seat belt violations, towing/impound fees, accident related citations (e.g. hit and run), criminal act citations (e.g. speeding to elude law enforcement), vehicle abandonment/illegal parking residential (e.g. illegal parking in a residential/commercial area abandoned vehicle), various parking related violations, expired tag/registration, driving without insurance, emissions violation, driving under suspension, court costs (fees, surcharges, any other related cost), failure to yield/stop for stopped school bus, reckless driving, following to closely, improper passing/changing lane unsafely, driving in wrong direction, leaving scene of accident/property damage, speeding citations citing 21+ plus mph over posted speed limit, tailgating, unauthorized racing, blocking traffic, aggressive driving, vehicle mechanical violations (e.g. improperly functioning turn signal(s), brake lights, license plate light), unlawful vehicle modifications, window tint violations, motorcycle helmet violations, transporting oversized load, toll way violations, illegal use of HOV/carpool lane, commercial trucks, tractor trailer violations.

Parking Tickets

TicketGuard allows members to submit one (1) parking ticket fine claim per month on a thirty (30) day basis. TicketGuard, LLC. will pay up to $65 towards allowed parking ticket fine claim(s) submitted. TicketGuard, LLC. provides payment of parking ticket fines related only to expired parking meter violations and general no parking violations. All other citable vehicle parking violations are not allowed to be accepted and processed for fine payment by TicketGuard, LLC. TicketGuard members are required to submit allowed parking citation fine claims within 72-hours of being issued the parking citation TicketGuard, LLC. will verify the submission deadline via cross referencing the time and date indicated on the issued parking citation, in the event that the 72-hour period elapses before the parking citation fine claim is submitted TicketGuard, LLC. reserves the right to deny acceptance and processing of the parking citation fine claim. TicketGuard, LLC. will submit payment of allowed parking citation fines before or by the fine due date in order to prevent any increase of the fine due amount. TicketGuard, LLC. reserves the right under the Abuse of Service terms to cancel without warning any TicketGuard member Citation Protection Plan coverage due to consistent filing of citation fine claims on a month to month basis. e.g. TicketGuard, LLC. may cancel coverage due to three (3) months of consecutive citation fine claim submissions by any member. However, this rule is considered by TicketGuard, LLC. on a case by case basis and applied at the discretion of TicketGuard, LLC. TicketGuard, LLC. does not provide payment towards any associated court/agency costs or fees occurring as a result of being issued the applicable parking citation. TicketGuard, LLC. will only provide payment towards the indicated fine amount. Furthermore, the vehicle that is issued the applicable parking citation fine must be registered to the TicketGuard member submitting the parking citation fine claim or the TicketGuard member must be listed as an authorized driver on the valid auto insurance policy applicable to the cited vehicle. TicketGuard, LLC. will require verification proof via email or fax during the processing phase of the submitted parking citation fine claim.

Parking Boot Fines

TicketGuard, LLC. allows members to submit one (1) parking boot fine claim per month on a thirty (30) day basis. TicketGuard, LLC. will pay up to $75 towards a parking boot fine. TicketGuard, LLC. provides payment of parking boot fine(s) related to general parking violations applicable only to general public parking facility property (such as parking spaces and garages open to public and requires parking fee to be submitted to park on the property, or general parking space located on public streets limited only to shopping, restaurant, or business parking zones TicketGuard, LLC. provides reimbursement of your submitted parking boot fine claim. TicketGuard, LLC. will either provide the reimbursement via PayPal or USPS within 20 business days dating from the date of your submitted claim regarding the parking boot fine. TicketGuard, LLC. does not provide payment of parking boot fines related to any other citable parking violations nor non-payment of previous parking or traffic citations that may cause the placement of any parking boot device onto your vehicle. TicketGuard, LLC. will not provide payment towards any associated court/agency costs, fees, or judgements. TicketGuard, LLC. will only provide payment towards the flat fine rate attached to the cited violation. TicketGuard requires that TicketGuard members submit parking boot fine claims within 72-hours of the parking boot being placed on their applicable vehicle. The vehicle that is
booted must be owned by the TicketGuard member or the member must be listed as an authorized driver of the vehicle as indicated via auto/vehicle insurance documentation, TicketGuard, LLC. will require verification proof via email or fax during the processing
phase of the submitted reimbursement claim.

Vehicle Towing Replacement

TicketGuard, LLC. allows members to submit claims related to vehicle towing costs. In the event that you require your vehicle to be towed due to immobilization which occurs on a roadway or interstate highway TicketGuard, LLC. will provide reimbursement of your tow costs up to $150. TicketGuard, LLC. will only accept a tow reimbursement claims that are applicable to the vehicle owned by the TicketGuard member submitting the reimbursement claim. TicketGuard, LLC. will not provide towing reimbursement applicable to vehicle(s) not owned by the TicketGuard member. If the TicketGuard member cannot provide valid auto insurance or state vehicle registration documentation
that indicates the vehicle belongs to the TicketGuard member or that the TicketGuard member is an authorized driver of the applicable vehicle, TicketGuard reserves the right to deny any reimbursement related to the submitted vehicle towing reimbursement claim. TicketGuard, LLC. will require verification proof via email or fax during the processing phase of the submitted reimbursement claim.
TicketGuard, LLC. will only provide reimbursement towards towing of automobiles, trucks, SUV, and motorcycles weighted under 3500lbs. TicketGuard members are required to submit towing reimbursement claims within 72-hours of the applicable vehicle being towed, in the event that the 72-hour period elapses before the tow reimbursement claim is submitted TicketGuard, LLC. reserves the right to deny acceptance and processing of the tow reimbursement claim. TicketGuard, LLC. does not provide vehicle towing reimbursement towards vehicles that have been impounded nor does TicketGuard, LLC. provide payment towards any associated towing fees or costs outside of the flat rate charged by the towing company/operator in order to tow the applicable vehicle. TicketGuard, LLC. requires that the selected towing company/operator be a licensed and registered business within the state of operation at the time of the performed tow. If the towing company/operator is discovered not to have been licensed and registered in their state of operation, TicketGuard, LLC. will immediately cancel further processing of the submitted vehicle towing reimbursement claim and no reimbursement will be made regarding the submitted claim.

Red Light Intersection Camera Fines

TicketGuard, LLC. provides up to $50 towards red light intersection camera fine claims submitted by TicketGuard members. TicketGuard, LLC. requires that member(s) submit red light intersection camera fine claims within 72-hours of physically or digitally receiving the applicable citation. TicketGuard, LLC. understands that most agencies may take up to 15 business days to inform drivers via mail of the red light intersection camera violation. TicketGuard members should submit claim immediately upon notification of the cited violation. TicketGuard, LLC. will not accept any claim that has allowed the 72-hour submission period to elapse. TicketGuard, LLC. will verify claim
submission compliance via date referencing.

Speed Camera Fines

TicketGuard, LLC. provides up to $100 towards speed camera fine claims submitted by TicketGuard members. TicketGuard, LLC. requires that member(s) speed camera fine claims within 72-hours of physically or digitally receiving the applicable citation. TicketGuard, LLC. understands that most agencies may take up to 15 business days to inform drivers via mail of the speed camera violation. TicketGuard members should submit claim immediately upon notification of the cited violation. TicketGuard, LLC. will not accept any claim that has allowed the 72-hour submission period to elapse. TicketGuard, LLC. will verify claim submission compliance via date referencing.

Abuse of Service

TicketGuard, LLC. allows its members to submit one citation fine claim per month, however, if it is determined that a member is submitting routine citation fine claims each month, TicketGuard, LLC. reserves the right to cancel any Citation Protection Plan if citation fine claims are submitted by any member for a period of three (3) consecutive months.