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Online Claim Submission:  TicketGuard, LLC requires that any and all requests for payment of citation fines be submitted online at  From the Dashboard menu select the Submit Citation Claim button and complete the claim form.  TicketGuard will only process claims that are submitted online. Only citation fines that are obtained after a Citation Protection Plan is activated will be processed.  TicketGuard requires any Citation Protection Plan to be activated a minimum of 24 hours before protection payment coverage is available.  You must have an activated Citation Protection Plan a full 24 hours before you obtain any type of citation offense in order to require TicketGuard to fulfill payment of such submitted citation fine claim.

Claim Verification:  In order for any citation fine to be paid by TicketGuard our staff must first verify that the submitted information regarding the obtained citation is actually true and legitimate. TicketGuard reserves the right to take up to 60 days to process and make payment of any citation fine claims.

Court Appearance:  TicketGuard requires its members to properly appear at any court hearing(s) or preceding(s) regarding the submitted citation fine claim. TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of any citation fine claim if a member elects not to appear at the court hearing or preceding regarding the citation fine claim submitted.  If it is determined that no appearance(s) is required or normally set in order to hear or rule upon regarding the type of citation offense obtained, TicketGuard will process the claim and submit payment to the proper agency or court responsible for receiving such payment.

Citation Payment:  Payment of citation fine(s) will not be made directly to plan holders. Payment(s) will only be made to the proper court or receiving agency.  If it is discovered or determined that a member has submitted fraudulent information in attempt to deprive TicketGuard monetarily via citation fine claim(s) or any other variation thereof, TicketGuard will pursue legal action against that member and any accomplice(s) real or entity.  In the event a particular citing agency, department, or court office cannot accept third party payment(s) of any traffic citation fine(s) on behalf of a cited individual due to applicable town, city, county or state law or other stipulated bylaws or regulation(s) TicketGuard, L.L.C. will provide payment of the final citation fine amount directly to the TicketGuard member via PayPal payment services.  Citation fine payment funds will be processed and rendered once verification has been made that the final fine amount is due. TicketGuard members are still required to appear at any necessary court hearing(s) applicable to the cited violation before the final judgement and fine is determined. If a TicketGuard member is required to render payment of any submitted and accepted citation fine claim on the actual final payment due date or directly following a court or an agency hearing process before TicketGuard, L.L.C. is able to actually provide citation fine payment funds then such funds shall serve as reimbursement to the TicketGuard member.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. will provide citation fine funds or reimbursement to the TicketGuard member.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. will not be held liable for any late fee charges regarding citation fine payments.  TicketGuard members who receive direct payment(s) of citation fine claim(s) will not  hold TicketGuard, L.L.C. responsible for any applied court costs, processing costs, surcharges, reinstatement costs, suspensions, revocations,towing/impound charges,vehicle boot devices or any type of vehicle immobilization device,or any other penalties or assessments that may occur as a result of receiving a traffic citation fine or the voluntary non payment of such traffic citation fine or the voluntary non payment of such traffic citation fine after receiving direct payment funds from TicketGuard, L.L.C. towards such traffic or parking citation fine(s).

72-Hour Submission Deadline:  Generally TicketGuard wishes to make any and all payments in a timely manner pursuant to the time stipulations put forth by the issuing agency and/or law enforcement entity which has proper jurisdiction over the suspension or other penalty against a TicketGuard member’s valid driver’s license.  TicketGuard requires members to submit citation fine claims online within 72 hours of receiving any such citation in order for TicketGuard to begin the processing period.  If a citation fine claim is not submitted online within the 72-hour period resulting directly after the citation is obtained, TicketGuard will not process the citation fine claim and deny payment of that particular citation fine.

Valid Submissions:  TicketGuard allows for submission of citation fine claims 24 hours per day, 7 days per week annually.  TicketGuard requires that all members have proper valid license to operate whatever type of vehicle they obtain a citation fine regarding.  TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans are made applicable to drivers and operators of automobiles, suv, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles.  TicketGuard excludes commercial trucks weighted to carry more than 3 ½ tons from qualifying as an acceptable vehicle covered by any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan.

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