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TicketGuard allows members to submit up to three (3) parking ticket citation claims per month (30-day period) per member assigned to any single citation protection plan.  This particular feature stipulation is only applicable to parking ticket citations and does not apply nor can be combined with any other type of citation a member may receive during any period.  If a member receives any other type of citation fine and submits such citation fine claim to TicketGuard the exemption limit regarding parking citations immediately ends for that 30-day period for that member.

Meaning: TicketGuard members cannot submit citation fine claims for up to 3 parking citations and also submit citation fine claims for other violations (e.g. speeding citation).  However, if more than one member is assigned to a citation plan (e.g. married couple) the additional member(s) are allowed to submit a citation fine claim for any other covered citation offense that may incur during the same period and TicketGuard will verify and process the claim normally.

When submitting citation fine claims regarding parking citations, TicketGuard requires members to include the “due by” date, which is the final date payment is due.  TicketGuard requires that members strictly adhere to the 72-hours rule for submitting a citation fine claim especially pertaining to any received parking citation due to the fact that may jurisdictions require payment within shorter time periods than some other citation offenses.

TicketGuard does not require members to appear in court for hearing or proceedings regarding basic parking citations received unless the member desires to exercise their right to contest the received parking citation(s).  TicketGuard exempts itself from rendering payment of any and all parking citation fines obtained by members if the 72-hour period has passed from the actual date and logged time the particular parking citation was issued.  Furthermore TicketGuard reserves the right to cancel any Citation Protection Plan if it is determined abuse of service is apparent by any of its members individually or jointly.

TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of parking citation fines issued to TicketGuard members who are required per educational institution campus/property, residential or commercial ordinance (s) or stipulation (s) to acquire a parking permit or other authorized privilige that provides lawful or granted access to utilize designated parking space or area.  TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of submitted parking citation fine claims due to a members use of invalidated or expired parking permit.  TicketGuard places direct responsibility upon it’s members to use prudent judgement and decision making when choosing to park a motor vehicle.

Any TicketGuard member who is required to obtain a short term or provisional parking permit, parking pass, provide payment to any parking meter device, or have a valid parking decal in order to lawfully park a motor vehicle (auto, suv, pick-up truck, van, motorcycle, moped/scooter) within any residential, commercial, business district, high school campus, college/university campus property or area should strongly consider obtaining such permit, pass, or decal.  TicketGuard will not render payment towards parking citation fines that are issued due to a TicketGuard member neglect or refusal to obey prescribed rules, regulations and ordinance (s) regarding parking.

Parking citations issued to a TicketGuard member while using short term parking space or area that are monitored by attendant, metered device, or other computerized system are exempt from denial provisions, but the claim limit is applicable.  TicketGuard members who reside on city street or other residential zoned areas that requires a term parking permit or other form of parking authorization and the member fails to secure such permit or either maintain valid authorization and as a result a parking citation is issued.  TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of such citation fine claim (s).  This term is also applicable to  commercial/industrial area and site parking as it would relate to employees permanent or temporary.


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