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TicketGuard provides its Citation Protection Plan coverage to individuals who register to be recognized as members of our unique service.  In order to qualify and receive benefits and privileges offered by TicketGuard, registered members must be licensed drivers with a valid legal state driver’s license or U.S. territorial driver’s license.  At the time of membership registration and/or selection of any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan(s), drivers may not have licenses under restricted drive suspension.

TicketGuard requires that all members be of minimum age 16 and have at least an intermediate driver’s license.  Individuals who have driving permits (beginners permit) cannot qualify to be included in any of TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans if the state or U.S. territory that issued the license requires that an adult or someone having a valid regular/permanent driver’s license accompany the individual while driving or operating a motor vehicle.  Nor shall any adult that has a state issued or U.S. territory issued beginners permit authorizing use and operation of a motor vehicle or motorcycle or moped be qualified to activate or be included as a member to any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan.  However, individuals over the age of 16 that have a current valid state issued or U.S. territory issued driver’s license or motorcycle/moped license that may have curfew or nighttime driving restrictions may qualify as TicketGuard members and also be included in any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan.

In order to activate any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan, you must be 18 years of age or older.  Anyone under 18 years of age cannot personally agree to the terms of any TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan. To qualify for benefits and Citation Protection Plan coverage, minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must have a parent or guardian activate a Citation Protection Plan on their behalf and in doing so, as parent or guardian, assume responsibility and concur with all TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan terms and restrictions applicable and regarding the included minor.

TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans and Membership offered through www.TicketGuardUSA.com are only offered to and available to U.S. citizens residing in the 48 contiguous States, Hawaii, and Alaska, as well as U.S. Citizens residing in the U.S. territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  TicketGuard reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership to anyone or entity for any reason deemed necessary at any time.


Limited Time Free Offers:

TicketGuard, L.L.C. reserves the right to modify or end at anytime any free offer(s).  The annual enrollment fee of $19.95 for individuals registering participation into any Citation Protection Plan is currently being waived until further notice by TicketGuard, L.L.C.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. is offering registration of Citation Protection Plan coverage for 30-days free. Citation Protection Plan holders will be provided coverage during this period without having to submit payment for that period of coverage unless a claim is submitted during that period upon which time TicketGuard, L.L.C. will apply the cost of the applicable coverage plan monthly premium towards the supplied debit/credit card account and processing of the submitted claim will begin.  If no claim is submitted during this period TicketGuard will not apply any charge against the supplied debit/credit card account until the first (1st) of the next billing month. You will not be double billed, If you do not submit a claim during your 30-day free coverage period TicketGuard will only begin your Citation Protection Plan billing at the start of the next coverage month immediately following the 30-day free coverage period. This TicketGuard, L.L.C. free offer will end April 3, 2017 at 11:59:00 P.M. eastern standard time.


E-mail Confirmations:

TicketGuard requires all Citation Protection Plans that are activated are provided with a valid e-mail address so that TicketGuard will have an effective means of communicating with members.  TicketGuard uses e-mail communication to inform new members that their membership has been successfully or unsuccessfully processed and to confirm activation of Citation Protection Plans.  TicketGuard will also e-mail members confirmation of monthly premium payment processing as well as confirmation of submission and verification of the processing of citation fine claim(s).  Once TicketGuard has processed and paid a valid member citation fine claim(s), TicketGuard will e-mail the regarded member confirmation of the payment as well as any verification information supplied by the law enforcement agency that issued the citation fine.  Anytime a member submits a citation fine claim a valid e-mail address is required, failure to provide an e-mail address will result in non-processing of the submitted claim.  If at anytime TicketGuard experiences discrepancies regarding a member’s citation protection plan or experiences issue(s) regarding process of debit/credit account information, TicketGuard will contact member(s) via email or telephone in order to resolve any issues.  TicketGuard requires members to visit www.TicketGuardUSA.com and update e-mail/telephone contact information if changes occur.  TicketGuard exempts itself from the responsibility of periodically requesting members to update e-mail or telephone contact information.  In the event TicketGuard cannot contact a member who has submitted a citation fine claim during the processing period TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of that particular citation fine claim due to inability to properly verify and/or confirm claim submission.

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