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TicketGuard is proud to be the first company of its kind offering a unique and innovative coverage plan. It is our daily mission to serve our members with Citation Protection Plans, however, in order to properly serve all enrolled members equally, TicketGuard implements restrictions with each Citation Protection Plan offered and activated.

TicketGuard will only pay one citation fine claim per month per member.  If there is more than one member assigned to a Citation Protection Plan (e.g. such as the up to 4 members Group/Family plan), each member may submit one citation fine claim per month.  The citation must be applicable to the member submitting the claim.  Members cannot allow another member to submit a citation fine claim under their name. Each member is allotted submission of one claim per month.  Citation Protection Plans are renewed on a twelve (12) month period, there is no renewal fee. However, TicketGuard requires individuals to enroll into service and submit an annual enrollment fee of $19.95.

TicketGuard reserves the right to deny payment of any citation fine claim for any reason deemed necessary especially if abuse of service (excessive claims) occurs or if fraud is suspected.  TicketGuard reserves the right to cancel any Citation Protection Plan and enrollment if fraud is suspected.


What Types of Citations are Covered?

TicketGuard provides comprehensive plan coverage to our enrolled members.  TicketGuard realizes that drivers can receive citation fines for a large variety of offenses common and offenses not so common.  TicketGuard takes the guesswork out of the equation.  Simply, TicketGuard will pay traffic citation fines related to such  typical offenses as speeding, parking violations, moving violations and other qualified offenses.

Citation types included but not necessarily limited to: Parking citations, speeding citations, moving violations, seat belt violations (adult), cell phone use violations, distracted driving violations, intersection camera violations, teen driving violations, teen seat belt violations, teen distracted driving violations, violation of traffic control devices, failure to yield, and many other allowable violations.


What’s Not Covered?

Drunk driving offenses/citations, child safety/seat belt violations, towing/impound fees, accident related citations (e.g. hit and run), criminal act citations (e.g. speeding to elude law enforcement), vehicle abandonment/illegal parking residential (e.g. illegal parking in a residential/commercial area abandoned vehicle), expired tag/registration, driving without insurance, emissions violation, driving under suspension, court costs (fees, surcharges, any other related cost), failure to yield/stop for stopped school bus, reckless driving, following to closely, improper passing/changing lane unsafely, driving in wrong direction, leaving scene of accident/property damage, speeding citations citing 21+ plus mph over posted speed limit, tailgating, unauthorized racing, blocking traffic, aggressive driving, vehicle mechanical violations (e.g. improperly functioning turn signal(s), brake lights, license plate light), unlawful vehicle  modifications, window tint violations, motorcycle helmet violations, transporting oversized load, toll way violations, illegal use of HOV/carpool lane, commercial trucks, tractor trailer violations.

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