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TicketGuard requires upon selection and activation of any Citation Protection Plan that a valid debit or credit card be entered for automated monthly billing.  PayPal payment processing will apply a one dollar surcharge to each newly activated Citation Protection Plan and withhold processing of monthly premium amount for the selected plan for a delay period of 72 hours in order to allow the opportunity to cancel TicketGuard enrollment and Citation Protection Plan coverage without penalty.  If TicketGuard enrollment and plan coverage is cancelled within 72 hours of registration while payment processing is pending, TicketGuard, L.L.C. will effectively allow cancelation and PayPal will remit payment back to the listed debit/credit account.  Once enrollment is registered and a Citation Protection Plan is activated TicketGuard, L.L.C. will process payment of the selected plan after the 72 hour delay period has passed.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. will process payment of the monthly plan premium as a recurring charge to the debit/credit account provided at time of enrollment and plan registration each 30 days for a period of 12 thirty-day cycle periods.  TicketGuard enrollment and plan coverage may be cancelled at anytime without penalty or further obligation. TicketGuard enrolled members and coverage plan participants may elect not to have a recurring charge applied to any provided debit/credit account(s), simply contact TicketGuard Member Services and request to independently submit payment(s) regarding a Citation Protection Plan monthly premium.

Money Back Guarantee

TicketGuard, L.L.C. pledges to its enrolled members to refund all monies paid towards Citation Protection Plan monthly premiums in the event TicketGuard is unable to make payment of a citation fine claim due to no fault of the applicable TicketGuard enrolled member.  This guarantee applies to citation fine claims submitted and due to an overwhelming volume of claims during the specified period TicketGuard, L.L.C. reasonbly determines that payment of all submitted citation fine claims is not financially possible, TicketGuard, L.L.C. will refund premium payments made since the current annual renewal period to all affected enrolled members.

TicketGuard, L.L.C. will also refund money to individuals who register enrollment and select a Citation Protection Plan but decide to cancel enrollment within 72-hours of registration.

TicketGuard, L.L.C. will provide refund to enrolled members who elect to cancel TicketGuard enrollment and Citation Protection Plan coverage within fifteen (15) calendar days of any new month. TicketGuard will refund that current monthly premium payment unless a citation fine claim is submitted during the period.  Enrolled TicketGuard  members who elect to cancel Citation Protection Plan coverage and have not submitted a citation fine claim during the current applicable period (*only during the current annual enrollment period) will receive a complete refund of each monthly premium payment made during the current annual enrollment period if no citation fine claim(s) are submitted and paid during the current enrollment period TicketGuard, L.L.C. will refund any applicable monies. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will not refund Citation Protection Plan monthly premium payments made during any period other than the applicable annual enrollment period.

This guarantee is not applicable to any TicketGuard enrolled membership and or Citation Protection Plan that has been cancelled by TicketGuard, L.L.C. due to violation(s) of TicketGuard terms and restrictions regarding membership and Citation Protection Plan coverage and service terms and restrictions.

PayPal Registration

TicketGuard, L.L.C. requests that individuals registering Citation Protection Plan coverage please do so using secured payment processing provided by PayPal. TicketGuard, L.L.C. is a registered PayPal merchant.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. provides two payment options 1) recurring charge to provided debit/credit account; 2) voluntary online payment.  All payments are securely processed by PayPal.  Having or registering a PayPal account will provide safe and secure processing of payment information.





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