Please read and accept the following enrollment terms of service.

TicketGuard, L.L.C. is a member services company that provides Citation Protection Plans to licensed U.S. drivers. Citation Protection Plans are designed to provide payment of traffic offense fines issued by law enforcement agencies or other enforcement departments or services. Individuals that enroll into TicketGuard’s service and select a Citation Protection Plan are required to submit monthly premium payment(s) in order to be eligible to receive processing and payment any citation fine claim.

Individuals are required to have a valid state issued driver’s license (minimum intermediate license required) in order to be eligible for service enrollment. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will not process citation fine claims for traffic citation(s) issued before a Citation Protection Plan is officially activated. TicketGuard, L.L.C. requires enrollment into service in order for any eligible person(s) to be allowed to select Citation Protection Plan participation.

TicketGuard enrollment and plan participation can be cancelled at anytime without further obligation or penalty. TicketGuard, L.L.C. offers a money back guarantee to enrolled drivers. TicketGuard, L.L.C. enables all registrants the ability to cancel enrollment and plan participation within 72-hours of enrollment and not be billed any monies. Individuals may also elect to cancel enrollment and plan participation at any time after the initial 72-hours period and not incur further obligation or penalty. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will activate Citation Protection Plans that are not cancelled within the initial enrollment period and will automatically bill the supplied debit/credit card account used to select and activate any applicable protection plan, a monthly recurring charge will be applied and processed securely by PayPal payment services to any supplied debit/credit card account used to pay the selected plan premium amount, enrolled individuals are allowed to elect to submit monthly premium payments voluntarily without participating in the automatic recurring billing option, to elect the voluntary payment option enrolled individuals can select the non-recurring billing option on the PayPal payment processing page. TicketGuard, L.L.C. reserves the right to cancel any Citation Protection Plan for any reason or cause deemed necessary per the Citation Protection Plan terms and restrictions. Cancellation by enrolled individuals must be done online at . TicketGuard service enrollment is active for a period of twelve (12) months.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. requires that all enrolled individuals read these terms of service as well as the Citation Protection Plan terms and restrictions due to reason that a generalized explanation of service and restrictions are supplied. There are various traffic related offense fines TicketGuard, L.L.C. does not allow payment of and therefore are not claim eligible. TicketGuard, L.L.C. does not accept claims that are derivative of or directly related to DUI offenses nor any traffic offenses committed during the commission of a felony offense or cause thereof. TicketGuard, L.L.C. has a restriction of abuse of service clause that prohibits excessive citation claim filing by enrolled individuals on a monthly basis please read the citation claims terms and restrictions within the home page dashboard.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. requires enrolled individuals to provide valid email address and telephone number(s) in order to properly receive communication(s) from TicketGuard, L.L.C. TicketGuard, L.L.C. reserves the right(s) to deny payment of citation fine claims that exceed $250.00(USD). In the event an enrolled individual is issued a citation fine that exceeds the $250.00 payout limit TicketGuard, L.L.C. will process the submitted claim and upon verification of such claim will provide up to $250.00 towards the final citation fine amount. TicketGuard, L.L.C. TicketGuard, L.L.C. will not process citation fine claims for the following traffic violations: child seat or child restraint violation(s), handicap zone/parking violations, parking in front of pedestrian ramp, stopping in illegal areas, blocking traffic or improper parking, parking during street cleaning, parking in commercial loading zone, parking in front of fire hydrant or other emergency vehicle space, missing or damaged vehicle registration or plates, operating a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or other vehicle without valid license. Citations issued to commercial truck drivers and operators of vehicles weighted to carry over 3500lbs. are not eligible for processing and payment of citations. Citations issued to motorcycle operators for helmet violations or faulty equipment are not eligible for processing and payment of citation fine(s). Enrolled individuals that receive citation fine(s) for parking in permit only space(s) residential or commercial as well as term parking space citation(s) are not eligible for processing and payment of such citation(s). Enrolled individuals who are required to obtain a parking permit, parking pass, or parking decal in order to lawfully park a motor vehicle (auto, suv, truck, motorcycle, moped/scooter) within a residential, commercial, business district, school campus, college/university property or area are strongly advised to obtain such permit, pass, or decal due to reason that such parking violation(s) are not eligible for processing and payment by TicketGuard, L.L.C. Citations that involve overdue citation(s) fine(s) are not eligible for processing and payment. Citations that are issued due to expired parking decal or permit are not eligible for processing and payment. TicketGuard, L.L.C. does not render any payment(s) relative to vehicle towing, impound, storage fee(s). TicketGuard, L.L.C. does not render any payment(s) towards court fees, any type of surcharges, or any other fines, fees, costs, or payment(s) as a result of any traffic citation fine(s) obtained by any TicketGuard enrolled individual(s), the only amount eligible for processing and payment is the applicable citation fine. TicketGuard enrolled individuals are not permitted to apply service eligibility and plan eligibility to any other person, service benefit is only open to enrolled individuals. Enrolled individuals are not allowed to submit citation fine claim(s) on the behalf of any other individual(s), TicketGuard, L.L.C. requires that enrolled individuals only submit citation fine claims that pertain strictly to them individually.

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