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How to Build a Mini Affiliate Marketing Force That Get’s You Paid:

You can generate more money by encouraging your family, friends and people you meet to register as Affiliate Marketing Representatives for TicketGuard.  In order to do so, you must first share your FREE Affiliate Marketing Representative link on your Facebook or other social networking account(s).  Once you include the TicketGuard link on your account(s), you can direct anyone who visits your social networking account to simply click the link and that individual will be instantly forwarded to TicketGuard’s website.

If someone you referred becomes an affiliate marketing representative after using your affiliate link, TicketGuard will pay you a one-time 15% residual payout for every new citation protection plan activated due to marketing efforts put forth by every affiliate marketing representative you referred to  TicketGuard.   Example of Your Potential Income:  $250 minimum per each 100 citation protection plans activated

If your referred affiliate marketing representative has an active Facebook account or other social media account(s) and these accounts have hundreds or even thousands of friends, followers, etc., you could make a huge amount of money in one 30-day period if the newly referred affiliate marketing rep encourages their family, fiends, followers etc. to activate TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans. TicketGuard provides to you a combination of ways in order to make money in your spare time while you’re doing something you would normally do everyday, which is communicating with others through your social media networking account(s).

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