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Affiliate Marketing Representative Program

The TicketGuard, L.L.C. affiliate marketing program is structured to effectively market TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans to individual licensed drivers throughout the United States. Individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to register as TicketGuard affiliate marketers and as a result of referring licensed drivers to TicketGuard and those referrals activating Citation Protection Plan coverage supplemental residual income can be earned.


  • Affiliate Participation Terms:  Individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses desiring to register participation in the TicketGuard affiliate marketing program are required to complete online enrollment. Although it is not required, TicketGuard suggest that affiliates have already or either establish social media account(s) in order to increase potential for success towards effectively communicating to the masses the concept of TicketGuard and the definite benefit of its innovative Citation Protection Plans. All individuals that enroll as affiliates are required to establish a PayPal account (if you already have a PayPal account, registration of a new PayPal account is not required) in order to receive any earned residual income as TicketGuard, L.L.C. distributes affiliate earnings via PayPal Mass Pay™.


How The Affiliate Marketing Program Works: Once affiliate marketing representative registration has been completed and participation activated newly enrolled affiliates are immediately eligible to begin marketing Citation Protection Plan coverage to licensed drivers. Affiliates who have or establish social media accounts are able to utilize a Free downloadable affiliate link provided by TicketGuard that can easily be embedded within any social media page or email account. The free TicketGuard affiliate link enables individuals who the affiliate interacts with via social media or email to automatically be forwarded to TicketGuards website Home Page where more information about TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans can be learned and possibly encouraging the referred visitor to register a Citation Protection Plan. The TicketGuard affiliate link is programmed to allow TicketGuard, L.L.C. to accurately manage and calculate every individual who clicks onto the TicketGuard website originating from your affiliate link enabling residual payment for each Citation Protection Plan registered and activated as a result of your referral effort(s).  Affiliates are able to track performance and earnings 24 hours daily by visiting the website and clicking on the dashboard button and selecting Affiliate Stats.  The TicketGuard affiliate link is also able to be included within emails affiliates may elect to send to family, friends, and prospective referrals.  The use of various social media sites, email marketing, distribution of postcard flyers, and simply good ol’fashion word of mouth marketing enables TicketGuard affiliates to reach a high volume of referrals that can develop into profitable residual income on a monthly basis.  At no time nor under any circumstance are TicketGuard affiliates solicited by TicketGuard , L.L.C. to invest into or provide money to TicketGuard, L.L.C. in order to participate as an affiliate marketing representative.  Affiliates also are not required to register any Citation Protection Plan offered by TicketGuard , L.L.C. in order to enroll as an affiliate marketing representative.  All TicketGuard affiliates are provided the freedom of choice to elect to utilize personal funds towards marketing strategies, materials, and or services believed to possibly increase exposure to potential referrals, and the selection of such methods are strictly at the discretion of the affiliate and will never be encouraged upon the affiliate by TicketGuard, L.L.C. in order to benefit TicketGuard, L.L.C. as a result of any particular selection of services.  TicketGuard affiliates are considered independent contractors and are not required to adhere to any particular work schedule in order to participate as affiliates for TicketGuard, L.L.C. affiliate marketing representatives are free to choose when and how long they will put forth marketing efforts on behalf of TicketGuard and its Citation Protection Plans.


Affiliate Representative Ethical Conduct and Terms: At no time shall TicketGuard affiliates misrepresent to the public the benefit of registering a Citation Protection Plan from TicketGuard. Affiliates should not mislead intentionally or fraudulently promote TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans in order to generate or increase plan enrollment and registration resulting in increase of residual income. Affiliates are not allowed to misrepresent, mislead, or fraudulently promote to prospective affiliate recruits the benefits of TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans for potential income to be possibly earned as a result of becoming an affiliate on behalf of TicketGuard, L.L.C.  Affiliates should only communicate and describe personal experience as a TicketGuard affiliate and information officially displayed within the TicketGuard website and any other material created and provided by TicketGuard, L.L.C. e.g. social media and marketing materials.  Any affiliate(s) who is discovered to be engaged in or previously have been misleading or fraudulently enticing the public or prospective affiliates (recruits) regarding TicketGuard, L.L.C. or its Citation Protection Plan products while registered as an affiliate marketing representative of TicketGuard will immediately be unregistered as an affiliate and could face legal action against that individual(s) by TicketGuard, L.L.C.


Affiliate Representative Compensation: The primary method to be compensated as a TicketGuard affiliate is via the promotion and use of the TicketGuard Affiliate Link which is programmed t accurately track every referral developed by an affiliate.  TicketGuard provides compensation to affiliates based solely upon activation of Citation Protection Plans by referrals. In order for an affiliate to receive compensation a referral is required to actually enroll into service and also register and activate a Citation Protection Plan without cancelling participation within the 72-hour processing phase.  After the processing phase has passed and the registered Citation Protection Plan is activated TicketGuard, L.L.C. will compensate the designated affiliate the monetary amount 15% of the monthly premium rate of the activated Citation Protection Plan(s).  The 15% compensation commission is structured to be paid to the affiliate as residual earning for the life of each Citation Protection Plan activated as a result of marketing efforts by the Affiliate, in the event any Citation Protection Plan is cancelled that the affiliate is receiving compensation for the compensation will cease to be paid for that applicable plan(s).  Meaning: As a TicketGuard affiliate marketing representative you will receive 15% of each individual Citation Protection Plan you are responsible for encouraging a licensed driver(s) to register and activate. That 15% compensation commission will be paid to you for the entire life of the plan.  e.g. for instance you encourage 100 of your social media friends to click onto your Affiliate Link and upon visiting the TicketGuard website each of those individuals register and activate a Citation Protection Plan you will receive a minimum of $225.00 monthly and at the special promo rates and at the regular plan rate you would earn $345.00 minimum for the life of those activated plans. However, if a Citation Protection Plan is cancelled by a referral for any reason during the residual period the affiliate becomes ineligible to receive compensation for the remaining period applicable only to the cancelled Citation Protection Plan(s).  TicketGuard affiliate marketing representatives are also authorized to recruit as many affiliates as desired and in return for successful recruitment efforts TickeGuard will compensate the affiliate recruiter (you) 5% commission on each Citation Protection Plan the recruited affiliate(s) are responsible for activating via the TicketGuard Affiliate Link .  The 15% commission paid to the affiliate recruiter will apply to each Citation Protection Plan activated during the first ninety (90) days the recruited affiliate promotes and markets TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans, the ninety (90) day period begins immediately upon official registration as a TicketGuard affiliate marketing representative as it would pertain to the recruited affiliate.  After the ninety day period has elapsed the affiliate recruiter shall not receive any commission from any referrals generated by the recruited affiliate, the 15% commission compensation is paid per Citation Protection Plan registered and activated and will be paid to the affiliate recruiter as residual income.  TicketGuard affiliate marketing representatives are required to create a PayPal account in order to receive automatic payment of earnings, however, if you already have a valid PayPal account when enrolling as an affiliate there is no requirement to create an additional PayPal account.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. utilizes secure payment processing via PayPal Mass Pay™.  Affiliates receive earnings compensation once per month.  Earnings are computed by TicketGuard, L.L.C. and are applicable to Citation Protection Plan activations during the previous earnings calculation cycle as well as any remaining residual period(s).  TicketGuard affiliates may track earnings and performance by visiting the TicketGuard website and clicking the Dash Board button and selecting Affiliate Stats.  Hard copy of earnings can be obtained from TicketGuard, L.L.C. upon email request to the TicketGuard Affiliate Marketing department, PayPal, Inc. is able to provide documentation of monies paid to an affiliate via proper request in order for an affiliate to properly maintain and manage income documents that may be used for tax reporting purposes and or general records.


Educational Institution, Religious Organization, and Small Business Affiliates: The component of the TicketGuard Affiliate Marketing Program is structured to enable *school groups and organizations (e.g. clubs, bands, athletics, boosters) *church groups and organizations (e.g. choirs, special committees), *college and university groups, associations, fraternities, sororities and clubs, *independent groups that are striving to reach a goal through fund raising, and *small business that have social media presence and or regular interaction with a large volume of consumers daily a great opportunity to earn income for a fund raising goal or simply supplemental residual income that can be used towards any cause or purpose desired.  TicketGuard affiliates receive a 15% compensation commission which is derived from the monthly premium rate of each Citation Protection Plan the affiliate is responsible for registering and activation made as a direct result of affiliate referral(s).  The 15% compensation commission is paid as residual earning for the life of the activated coverage plan(s).  *How The Program Works:  This particular component program is structured the same as the individual affiliate program, it is offered as a method to enable groups of individuals and or businesses a great way to raise funds for any variety of purpose(s).  Participation in this component of the TicketGuard Affiliate Marketing Program requires 1) Registration as a TicketGuard Affiliate , 2) Create a PayPal account (using the link on the affiliate enrollment page), 3) Have social media presence to assist with promotion and marketing of TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans.  *Organizational Affiliates are allowed to participate in the affiliate program for whatever duration of time desired.  Tracking of earnings and performance can be done on a daily basis, the TicketGuard affiliate system is programmed to continually update affiliate data twenty-four (24) times per day in order to provide accurate up to the hour data for any affiliate.  TicketGuard, L.L.C. provides affiliate earned compensation once per month generally at the beginning period of any given month and calculated on a thirty (30) day calendar period.  *After registering as an Organizational Affiliate TicketGuard requires download of the TicketGuard Affiliate Link which can be embedded  into already existing website pages, social media account(s), and or email templates.  The Affiliate Link is the only acceptable means TicketGuard utilizes to track and calculate affiliate earnings, so encouraging referrals to click onto the embedded TicketGuard Link is critical to your organization becoming successful as a TicketGuard Affiliate. If you do not already have an established website or social media account TicketGuard, L.L.C. suggest that you create a digital means of interacting with potential referrals.  TicketGuard affiliates may also promote TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans via mass email campaigns and embed the TicketGuard affiliate link within the marketing email to enable respondents to visit the TicketGuard website and the affiliate to receive credit for the referral. *Note: TicketGuard Affiliates are not allowed to use mass email marketing where it is prohibited nor in any form or manner that is prohibited in accordance with state and federal regulations and or law(s).  It is the responsibility of the affiliate to adhere to all regulations and laws pertaining to the acceptable and proper use of email marketing.  Organizational affiliates that have or anticipate having individuals assist with affiliate marketing efforts must be sure to instruct those individuals to direct referrals to the website or social media page(s) that contains the TicketGuard Affiliate Link applicable to your organization so that each referral will be counted towards your organization affiliate account with TicketGuard.


  • Can Anyone Become An Affiliate Marketing Representative? Yes!  TicketGuard allows anyone to register as an affiliate marketing rep.  Since our affiliate marketing representatives are independent contractors and not salaried corporate employees, there is no specific hiring process like with traditional employers.  However, you must be legal working age to register as an independent contractor due to IRS tax laws.  In most states the minimum age to work is 15 years of age, but before registering as an affiliate marketing representative for TicketGuard verify your state minimum age requirement.



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