Welcome to TicketGuard™.  TicketGuard protects drivers from the high cost of traffic citation fines with our Citation Protection Plans™.

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Citation Protection Plans™ were developed by TicketGuard to provide payment in full towards virtually any type of traffic or vehicle citation fine you may obtain.>

Instead of you having to pay the cost of a traffic citation fine, TicketGuard will pay it for you!
What’s the “catch”?  There is NONE. 
TicketGuard is simply a variation of coverage that protects you against the cost of traffic citation fines.  Our Citation Protection Plan is not considered insurance; it is basically a guard against expensive citation fines. 


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Consider This:

If you operate a vehicle, you can be stopped by law enforcement at any given moment and issued a citation for something as minor as your license plate tag light being inoperable.

Or, you can receive a citation for mistakenly exceeding the speed limit in a residential area.

Citation fines can range from $25 up to several hundred dollars out of your pocket, and typically, citations come when you least expect them.

So Protect Yourself Against the Possibility™ – Register your Free TicketGuard enrollment today! PLUS, Enjoy 30 Days of Free Coverage!

  • Our annual enrollment registration fee is normally $19.95 – but for a limited time enrollment is FREE so register with TicketGuard TODAY!   You will then qualify to purchase one of our Citation Protection Plans. For a limited time we will start you off with FREE coverage.
  • Sign up for a Citation Protection Plan today and GET FREE COVERAGE with no payment for 30 days.
  • All members receive huge discounts off annual TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan enrollment.
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There are No Gimmicks and No Surprises!

You Get a Citation Fine –> TicketGuard Pays It!

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Reasons To Get Protected By TicketGuard™


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  • You can’t predict when you may receive a traffic citation.  It just happens.
  • Even the safest drivers can receive a traffic citation.
  • Do you have a teen driver at home?  You definitely should become a protected member of TicketGuard.
  • Are you a college student living on campus with a car? TicketGuard protects you against irritating parking citations.
  • Do you park in the city or the downtown business district?  TicketGuard is your solution to expensive parking citations as well.
  • Do you often drive above the speed limit?  You should have TicketGuard protection.
  • Are you a senior citizen driver and at times driving gets just a little too fast paced and confusing?  TicketGuard is here to help.
  • Do you like to use your cell phone while driving?  TicketGuard will protect you against the new citation fines you can receive for texting while driving.
  • Get virtually any type of traffic citation fine and TicketGuard will pay it for you!
  • Military – College/Teen Student – Senior Citizen – Family/Group Discounts!

Who We Serve

“TicketGuard™ has Citation Protection Plans™ for everyone.”

Check out the special discounted rates for groups, seniors, and members of the US military.



Protect Yourself Against the Possibility –with TicketGuard

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